#HOGWild18 – Motorcycle Cross Country Adventure Starts Soon

Hi All,

We’ve put some fantastic miles on the bike since our cross-country adventure last year. It was such an amazing experience that we’re doing it again. Except time we’ll be heading east from Dallas.

When I think back to just a year ago, Leah & I were so excited and nervous about doing this. We asked for and were blessed with so many suggestions about what to pack that I think we incorporated them all. It was a big list and we probably looked like the Beverly Hillbillies.

We feel so much more ready this time around. The big lesson was that it wasn’t about the technology or the gadgets. It was about the road. As each day passed last year, we became unconnected to the world, and closer to God and each other.

Come along this year and we’ll try our best to post after each day’s adventure. We had a ball taking turns sharing each other’s perspective on alternating days. Sign up or click to follow the blog, and check us out at Marriage Matters while you’re in the Like clicking mood.

We’re praying for a similar experience this year. We’re also packing fewer miles into most days so we can spend more time enjoying the locations and meet up with friends along the way. There might even be a Harry Connick, Jr. concert along the way. If you’re along the route, let’s connect if possible.

We’ll be heading toward different terrain than last year, so if you have good advice or experience, we’d love to hear about it. We’re connecting with friends from our church’s small group. It’s a married group of motorcycle enthusiasts from Gateway Church. They’re introducing us to cool places like the Tail of the Dragon at Deal’s Gap, TN and Blue Ridge Parkway, so please pitch in suggestions about these and more.

Here’s a tentative schedule. Let us know if you’re on the route. We head out for June

God bless you,

Scott & Leah

Check It Out:

Dallas to Hot Springs, AK

Hot Springs to Memphis, TN

Memphis to Nashville,TN

Nashville to Fort Knox, KY

Fort Knox to Lexington

Lexington to Charleston WV

Charleston, WV Seneca Rocks, WV

Seneca Rocks, WV to Skyline Drive VA (Shenandaoh Nat Park and Blue Ridge Pkwy)

Blue Ridge Pkwy to Washington Nat Forest to Beech Mountain to Cary, NC

Cary, NC to Asheville

Asheville to Charlotte

Charlotte to Bryson City to Chimney Rock to Blackberry Farm

Tellico Plains to Memphis, TN

Memphis to Monroe, LA

Monroe to Dallas

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#HOGWild17: Day 18 – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Day 18!

This is the third time I’ve tried to write this post, and it’s after midnight, so if the computer deletes the post again Scott might be picking up pieces of Mac from the parking lot.

There are two kinds of people in the world. Morning people and night people. I’m sure you can figure out which ones we are without too much trouble.

For the last eighteen days, from the hours of midnight to 4am, we write the blog and watch Forensic Files. I don’t think we’ve ever watched so much TV in our lives. We might be full-blown couch potatoes by the time we get back home.

Staying up late also means sleeping late, and it’s going to be as hard for us to get back into the school year routine as it is for the kids. But for now…it’s still summer. And we’re grownups, so we can do what we want. Stop judging.

I’ve enjoyed the routine we’ve established over the last eighteen days. We wake up, we do our prayer time together, we shower, dress, and then load up and head out. It looks a lot like this.

Scott likes to keep the cart in the room. He’s a rebel.

We got an even later start than usual this morn…err…afternoon, and it was almost two by the time we got on the bike.

Instead of punching in the address for our hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which was almost a six hour drive, we punched in the address for the Pikes PeakΒ Harley Davidson store, which was just down the road.

I found a new red shirt and Scott found a man bracelet he’s been looking for a long time. I think we’ve reached the point where we need to buy stock in HD.

Scott asked what we’re going to do with all the clothes once we get home. I diverted attention from the question by asking a question of my own. Why don’t they clean and wash the bikes while we’re shopping in the store?

Scott was sufficiently distracted by my question.

I know what you’re thinking. As soon as we got back on the bike, we punched in the address for the hotel in Albuquerque. But you’d be wrong.

We instead typed in the address for the nearest Cracker Barrel. The last time we ate at one was in Billings, Montana, and Scott gets twitchy if he goes too many days without chicken and biscuits.

We finally hit the highway for the next 350 miles. I snuck a selfie since Scott was focused on the road. As he should be.

It was another incredible drive. The weather was cool and the scenery breathtaking.

And this scenery was pretty breathtaking too πŸ˜‰

I have to say, I can’t think of anyone else I would want to do a trip for twenty-one days straight, and spend this much time and personal space with.

He’s my favorite person. And we’ve grown even closer each day, with prayer and focus on Christ our anchor. It’s been incredible.

The oil light came on at about the halfway point of the trip, so we made a detour to O’Reilly Autoparts in Las Vegas, New Mexico. This man can do everything.

Thanks, O’Reilly Autoparts.

I had lots of time to take pictures from the back of the bike.

Lots and lots of time…

We even stopped at a creepy rest stop to do a facebook live: We weren’t sure we were going to survive using the potty there, but as of the writing of this post, I’d guess we did.

If y’all will recall from Day 11, we purchased a condo in Whitefish, Montana (video of our condo), so I spent the time on the back of the bike emailing realtors and bankers and title companies all the information they needed. So I was productive.

And then it got cold.Β 

And we still had almost two hours to go.

I did what any wife would do on the back of a bike in the dark for the next two hours. I put my hood on, hunkered down, and played games on my phone.

I guess Scott did okay driving. We made it the rest of the way in record time. Not that he was speeding or anything. He is an officer of the law and everything.

Though he used interrogation techniques to question me about why I didn’t get snacks when I checked us in.

I’ll say it on the record, the Hilton in Albuquerque did not stock their snack shop with anything Scott would’ve eaten. Scott wouldn’t go down to confirm, but he did enjoy the interrogating.Β 

Tomorrow we’re going to try and get together with some friends, and then we’re headed to Lubbock, Texas.

I’ve done the drive through Lubbock, so I know what to expect as far as the drive. It’ll be Scott’s first time. I’m thinking I’ll just let him be surprised instead of trying to describe the flat, dusty, desolate…

Oh, have I said too much?

See y’all tomorrow!

Leah and Scott



#HOGWild17: Day 12 – Helena, Montana

Day 12!

I don’t even know what’s happened the past couple of days. We’re high on mountain air and delicious food.

Apparently, riding a motorcycle for ten days in the heat fries the circuits in the brain, and then you end up looking at condos and putting in an offer.

This is a shot of the living area. Scott wanted to stretch out across the couch to make the scene look more homey, but I talked him out of it. I told him the picture of him laid out on the massage table was enough for a twenty-one day trip.

So…that’s what we did today. Just a normal day in Whitefish, Montana, which we’ve never been to before, but fell in love with immediately. I think it’s easier to justify this because we travel so much and have seen a lot of incredible places in this country.

And this is one of our favorites. That says something. Now everyone needs to come to Whitefish. We have a place for you that sleeps up to 8!

And the balcony has a fire pit and TV.

And it has a pretty awesome view too!

Condo-buying takes a while, so we didn’t actually leave Whitefish until five o’clock this afternoon. But because Scott learned his lesson a few days ago when we left town and then discovered there weren’t restaurants for a couple of hundred miles, I suggested we eat something before heading out. He readily agreed.

Our realtor suggested a place called Loula’s. It’s in the basement of a corner building in downtown Whitefish. And it was awesome. If y’all know me, you know pie is my favorite dessert. I adore pie. And Loula’s is famous for their pies.

You can buy them by the slice or the whole pie. I was tempted to get the whole pie and just eat it on the back of the motorcycle, but Judgey McJudgerson would’ve written about it in tomorrow night’s blog post.

After we had pie and signed a billion papers, we finally left Whitefish. We were sad to go, but we’re supposed to be back home in another ten days so we can catch a flight.

I know, we’re crazy. But we have to get back to work, though I’m not going to think about that right now.

Our realtor also suggested we head to Helena instead of Butte, which was our original plan. He’s a motorcycle guy too, and said the drive was gorgeous. He wasn’t lying.

But first, we had to stop at Glacier Harley-Davidson. It was on the way, and Scott was able to add to his shirt collection, even though he doesn’t shop.

The ride truly was spectacular on the way to Helena. And we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

This was the view on one side of the highway.

And this was the view of the other side.


It was like that the whole way, which is why y’all need to come visit Montana. It took right at four hours to reach Helena, and we checked into the hotel.

This is the part where Scott wants to write a guest paragraph in this post, because he’s got some drama, but I told him it’d be better if I just laid out the cold hard facts.

When we checked into the hotel, there was a tray of iced tea cookies sitting on the counter for hotel guests. The guy checking us in, we’ll call him Ryan (actually, that’s his real name, we don’t keep secrets here) told us he was very tired and the end of the day had caught up with him.

Scott couldn’t pick out Ryan in a lineup, but he could pick out one of those tea cookies.

After we checked in and unloaded the bike, Scott went to go park it, thinking he’d just get a cookie once he came back inside. Unfortunately, within the span of five minutes, the tray of tea cookies disappeared.

And no one was behind the counter. Scott scouted around for stray crumbs, but someone had cleaned that counter like it was the week after a crime scene and the apartment needed to be rented.

We checked into our room, where we discovered our room is connected to the hotel pool. Literally. We just walk out our door and if we’re not careful we’ll fall into the water.

That excited Scott to no end until he saw the pool closed at ten and people weren’t going to be belly flopping outside our French doors.

We changed clothes for dinner, and then we walked back by the counter. The culprits had reappeared. You know Scott, he’s all about confrontation. Actually, he hates confrontation. Unless it has to do with missing cookies.Β 

Ryan was talking on the phone, but his eyes were shifty and he was sweating. Scott zeroed in on the woman and asked point blank where the cookies were.

She cracked under the pressure and threw Ryan under the bus, confessing that he ate the rest of them. I guess the stress of the end of the day got to him. But that didn’t leave Scott with any cookies.

I got to hear about Ryan and his cookie eating as we walked down the block to the restaurant on the corner, and Scott mentioned something about Ryan eating six cookies and the kind of person who does such a thing.

He also told the hostess all about Ryan. I think she was traumatized because we had to wait for a table.

This was me waiting. The chair was giant, and I felt like Lily Tomlin.

By the time we got back to the hotel room it was after ten-thirty and still light outside. Our times are totally thrown off. Tombstone was on the TV when we got in.

Scott’s never seen it. I know. It’s a crime. And he seemed a little scared when I told him, “I’m coming after you. And I’m bringing hell with me.” After an uncomfortable pause, I explained that was a line from the movie.

We’re heading to Red Lodge, Montana tomorrow, where we’ll do all the necessary preparations for riding Beartooth Pass. There aren’t really any preparations other than visiting another HD store and looking for a Cracker Barrel.

See you tomorrow!

Leah and Scott


#HOGWild17: Day 4 – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Happy Independence Day!

Whew! We got a super late start to the day due to the fact that Day 3 wore us out. I tried to wake Scott up in time to see the sunrise, but he grumbled something impolite and rolled back over. In a show of solidarity, I went back to sleep too.

My favorite times with Scott are just after we go to bed, and when we wake up in the mornings. This is when we talk about anything and everything. It might take twenty minutes or it might take hours.

There has been many a night when we’ve fallen asleep mid-sentence just before the sun is about to rise. All I know is that by the time we got out of bed this morning, it was noon. And by the time we showered and managed to drag our tired selves down to the bike, it was after one. Thank goodness for late checkout.

Since it’s July 4th, we dressed appropriately in our America shirts. I also accessorized with a red bedazzled headband and my favorite red lipstick.


Now, those of you who have followed us for a few years know that I need to be fed at regular intervals. I get what’s universally known as “hangry.” Did I mention we were in Iowa and there’s not a whole lot going on for long stretches of time?

Fortunately, Scott had to stop for gas, and I think the Lord must have told him where to exit off the highway because there was an Arby’s right next door. When Scott prayed for us to have a safe day of travels during our morning prayer time, God understood it wasn’t just the motorcycle ride we needed safety for.

With full bellies, we begrudgingly left the air-conditioned restaurant and back out into the heat. Now, we’re from Texas, so this isn’t really “heat,” but the heat still works on you after you’re on the bike for a while. After pushing an all day ride yesterday, we made a smart choice in making the one today quite a bit shorter.

The Border

Before we knew it, we’d crossed the border from Iowa into South Dakota and were met with rolling hills, endless green fields, and blue skies. We listened to Johnny Cash, and I got four new book ideas sitting on the back of the bike and watching the clouds go by.

Something else we found particularly exciting about South Dakota was the speed limit. We finally found one that kept up with our normal speed.

Our final destination for the day was Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The motorcycle alerted us that there was a Harley Davidson in Sioux Falls, so we pushed the button for the navigator to lead us in that direction. We also saw a billboard for Duluth Trading Company, which has a local store. You guys know we love Duluth. Scott particularly enjoys their Rooster Booster tagline for their men’s underwear.

Closed 4 Fourth

Unfortunately, the HD store and Duluth were closed for the holiday, so we’ll make a stop at both stores tomorrow before we head out. With nowhere left to go, we headed to the Springhill Suites (Yay for Marriott points!) to get settled for the evening.

I’d already been thinking about dinner at this point (see my previous statement about being fed at regular intervals), and I saw a Johnny Carino’s billboard. Italian food sounded like just the thing to hit the spot. The only trick was whether or not Scott would want to get back on the bike to go eat.

Things didn’t seem too promising when the first thing the did when we got in the room was take off his pants and lay down on the bed. In a show of solidarity, I did the same. It was hot after all. And after a short rest and Facebooking, the subject of dinner came up.

By some miracle, our legs managed to find our pant holes and we headed out to Johnny Carino’s. It was delicious. We’re still full.

This is the look of a satisfied man.

Kick Back

We’re back at the hotel, the road grime showered from our bodies, and we’re watching a special about the eighties on the TV. Tomorrow we’re heading to the Badlands, which we’ve decided sounds dangerous and intimidating.

Do we have to fight our way out? Do I need to buy brass knuckles at the Harley Davidson store? We’ll report back tomorrow in Day 5’s report.

But for now, have a safe and happy 4th of July! Scott and I are so blessed to get to see so much of this beautiful country, and at every turn we’re witnesses to God’s magnificent creation.

God bless and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Leah and Scott






#HOGWild17: Day 1 – Fort Smith, Arkansas

Today was the day. Leah and I had planned to set out early and enjoy a morning’s drive before the day’s scorching heat set in. We ended up sleeping late.

The sound of constant rain was so relaxing that I suppose we needed the rest. On a good note, there was no heat when we pulled out at noon.

We started the day with prayer, and God placed it on my heart that this time together was about Him. I’d been so wrapped up in the excitement of planning and gathering gear that I’d overlooked the blessing of time spent in His presence. Nothing like being outdoors to experience God’s wonder.

Once we got started we headed to Fort Smith, Arkansas. It was about 350 miles away. We spent the first 200 miles wrapped up in rain gear. It wasn’t so bad as it kept the heat at bay. After a rainy ride to Biloxi for #Bike2BiloxiΒ in May, she decided to up her rainsuit game. Good going wife!

By the time we made it to Arkansas’s Ouachita National ForestΒ the skies cleared up to gorgeous sunshine. I have to admit, I know nothing about the state. The mountains were amazing and the national forest isΒ 1.8 million acres located in central Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma.

Another highlight was when Leah discovered that her metal cup had a metal straw. She was also excited that it kept her drink cold and ice unmelted. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at Fort Smith, the bike was covered in soft drink. I’m not going to mention she should be drinking water to stay hydrated, but it’s only day 1. I’ll cut her some slack.

Today was a wonderful start to #HOGWild17, except when I told Leah over supper that I just wanted to lay down in bed, she laughed and said, “You know this is only day 1.” It kinda hit me that yeah, we’ve got three weeks of this. How crazy cool is that, although I’m sure there will be a few more sore butts and aching backs.

It’s fantastic to experience America on a motorcycle. I used to do lots of bicycling around the country and as great as that was, this is a real blast. Of course the time spent with Leah makes this better than ever expected.

Check out those incredible blue skies.

So after day 1’s 350 miles from Dallas to Fort Smith, Arkansas, we spent a nice evening over a light supper and laid out everything for Day 2. We’re heading over the Ozark Mountains enroute to riding Pig’s Tail Scenic Bypass. It’s about 130 miles of twisting turns, switchbacks and beautiful scenery.

Thanks again for coming along. Hopefully we can do a live video on Facebook tomorrow.

God Bless,

Scott & Leah


100 Tips For Extreme Mileage Motorcycle Journey (Give or Take A Few)


100 Tips For Extreme Mileage Motorcycle Journey (Give or Take A Few)

Leah and I have read some great articles that give advice on packing gear for cross-country trips. At the end of the day, you’ve got to plan for what promises the highest level of safety, what reduces the risks (known and unknown) and what has the potential for delivering a fantastic adventure.

We pitched the question out to our social media channels and got so many great replies that I feel like we’re already ahead of the curve. Now, all we have to do is glide across 6,000 miles in 3 weeks. Easy, right?

It was so much easier to copy paste some of the replies from Facebook, and some will repeat. That’s why I titled this the way I did -give or take a few.

Anyway, we head out July 1st and are looking for a few more nuggets of wisdom before tackling the terrain. We hope you enjoy these comments. Some are funny, others are true. A few are even both.

Also, please stay up to date by using the hashtag #HOGWild17 on Faithful FacebookMy FacebookΒ –Β TwitterInstagramWebsite

God Bless,


Can we bungie this to the bike?

A Few Favorites

Paul Lefort
Paul Lefort LOL, make sure you have a comfortable seat! Don’t take too much time at your stops for fuel and lunch. Be steady and consistent if you need to pile on the miles. You’ll probably experience many different climates so bring appropriate gear for each. Even if it’s smoking hot, wear a jacket to keep moisture next to your body to reduce dehydration. Watch for deer and critters out west. Ear plugs! Just a sample here, let me know if you have any specific questions. Have fun!!!
Liliana Hart
Liliana Hart Chermaine Stein actually this is true. I pack his stuff, and then he goes back and adds 25 more tshirts that he won’t wear. And then when we get home he takes them out of the suitcase still folded and puts them back in the drawer.
Brina Cary
Brina Cary I’m honestly not sure, but I’d probably find a way to put snacks in it. πŸ™‚
Liliana Hart
Liliana Hart Snacks are always a necessity.
Hallee Bridgeman
Hallee Bridgeman You take a mantle of confidence that your spouse loves the natural you, because there certainly isn’t room for much in the line of beauty products. Or shoes.
Liliana Hart
Liliana Hart πŸ˜‚ We should have a lot of great marriage blog posts during this trip.
Kevin A Macias
Kevin A Macias Crocs..Chang of underwear and toothbrush.
Liliana Hart
Liliana Hart You realize all I can see in my head is Scott wearing his underwear with his Crocs.
Shana Gray
Shana Gray Burts Bees lips, antibacterial wipes (police grade πŸ˜‰ ) cushy pillow for the tushy, wineskins/soft beverage carrier with fluids (of your choice) and built in straws, sunglasses, hat for hathead.
Colleen Passmore Boyer
Colleen Passmore Boyer Take a few days change of clothes and wash along the way when needed, a plus for both of you would be the Hydration vests that Harley Davidson makes-they are life savers in the heat, on sale at the dealerships, I searched and did not find them on line
Brandy Hawkins Coupel
Brandy Hawkins Coupel Lots of sunscreen! And maybe a trailer for the motorcycle. And baby wipes!
Brandy Hawkins Coupel
Brandy Hawkins Coupel Look for products that do double duty. I love micellar water as it cleans your face and moisturizes at the same time. (And in a pinch it cleans diamonds very welI.) I definitely recommended lots of moisturizer.
And your favorite pain reliever.
HANOI, VIETNAM – CIRCA MARCH 2012: Recycling cans and bottles loaded on cart behind motorbike. Voluminous colorful and amazing proposition.
Dianne Wagner
Dianne Wagner Tylenol or Motrin for that unexpected headache when you are in the middle of no where. Some bandaids and antibiotic ointment or a first aid kit.
Renee Talbot
Renee Talbot Tanktops, shorts, undies, caps, ponytail holder, bathroom items, shoes. Done
Patrice Michelle
Patrice Michelle All you need is fast reflexes. Ro-Sham-Bo solves everything! #truesurvivalneeds
Connie Shingleton Miconi
Connie Shingleton Miconi sunscreen! Old t shirts that you can throw away or give away rather than washing. lip balm.
Bobbie Jo Chiasson
Bobbie Jo Chiasson Toothbrush and a brush for sure
And antibacterial wipes and baby wipes
Oh and a bottle to fill with water
Hildie McQueen
Hildie McQueen chapstick, wet wipes, undies, tank tops, shorts, flip flops, 2 pr jeans, undies, socks.
ClayandFay Morgan
ClayandFay Morgan Rain gear, sun block and lots of water. Have fun and ride safe.
Robinetta M. Garcia-Hrbek
Robinetta M. Garcia-Hrbek Tylenol or some other OTC pain med, a brush, and sunscreen.
Becka Lynn
Becka Lynn Sunscreen in a must have for me, that is unless I want to turn into a lobster in five minutes. lol
Anne Welch
Anne Welch Pants and milkduds
KaLyn Cooper
KaLyn Cooper A gun. Not kidding. Maybe one each.
Linda Quick replied Β· 1 Reply
Diane Bohannon Peterson
Diane Bohannon Peterson A plane ticket in your purse
JT Gilstrap
JT Gilstrap Priority One: ice packs and ibuprofen. πŸ™‚
Mona Talbot Hernandez
Mona Talbot Hernandez Your Bible…and sunscreen!
Carroll Chauvin
Carroll Chauvin A bikini and shorts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£
Scott Silverii replied Β· 1 Reply
Mark Herrington
Mark Herrington An open oneway ticket home.
Lynnell Wilks Tysl
Lynnell Wilks Tysl Lipsense lol
Riley McKissack
Riley McKissack Your sense of humor.
Kerry Foster
Kerry Foster A gag… Some rope…
June Shaw
June Shaw Knowing you, it’s probably just lots of shoes!
Teresa Salmons Stone
Teresa Salmons Stone Underwear, ponytail holders, kindle, socks, baseball cap, whiskey
Laura L Stapleton
Vickie Norman
Vickie Norman you will figure it out. πŸ™‚
Vicki Perk-Fields
Vicki Perk-Fields Tinted lip balm, good moisturizer w/sunscreen & mascara
Renee Beam
Renee Beam Good luck!
Elisa Hordon
Elisa Hordon Skip the underwear go commando the whole trip, chuck in 3 t-shirts 2 pairs of jeans just rinse out clothes each night, a sunscreen with moisturizer, chap stick, a donut cushion to releave sore butt in between bike rides πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, flip flops and ball cap oh and iPad full of books πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ travel light πŸ˜‰ oh a small sewing kit to make any clothing repairs and a first aid kit πŸ˜€
Heather MacEwan Doyle
Heather MacEwan Doyle Deodorant, toothbrush and paste, sunscreen, hand sanitizer (or wipes) and moisturizer. Any other cosmetics, you don’t really need. Since you’re with your spouse I’d say underwear are optional (lol). Easy to rinse and wear tees.
Debra Holland
Debra Holland sunscreen, lip balm, moisturizer, brush and ponytail holders, pjs, flip flops, traveling packets of Woolite for washing undies and socks and stuff, nail file and scissors that come in a folding knife, bathing suit and coverup, eye drops
Matt Sherley
Matt Sherley While everyone else seems worried that Liliana Hart has enough underwear, I’m apparently the only one who immediately thought “boxing gloves.” The big fluffy kind so you won’t hurt Scott Silverii too bad!!
Heather Talbot
Heather Talbot Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen, bug spray, baby wipes, headbands, bananas, band aids, medication, chapstick, hairbrush, hair ties, flip flops, undies and bras, socks and a change of clothes.
Jai Clark
Jai Clark Ear plugs bug spray Tylenol extra toilet paper sold in the sample section in case you end up ..ya somewhere without a square atm card and mints
Donna Blanchard McNicol
Donna Blanchard McNicol A can of Lysol for inside sweaty helmets, boots, waistband of jeans and rain suits. I’ve got 7-10 week trips
Ann Z Lewis
Ann Z Lewis I would have to bring some kind of medicine that altered my fear of motorcycles
Teresa Massey Watson
Teresa Massey Watson Let’s see: my nickname is Queen Klutz, so the idea of me on a motorcycle would be a very BAD idea. LOL but, I would say two or three pairs of jeans, t-shirts, socks, underwear, lip balm, Kindle with plenty of ebooks (I know a writer who has a couple ofSee More
Trish Ryan Davy
Trish Ryan Davy My other half knows better than to even suggest using a motorcycle!
Jenny Hansen
Jenny Hansen Monkey-butt powder and an extra pair of padded biking pants. Seriously.
Chermaine Stein
Chermaine Stein Just personal hygiene items and sunscreen.Buy clothes as you go and mail them home. You’re welcome :0)
Laura Minchew
Laura Minchew I would take essential items and couple changes of clothes and ship my luggage to my destination
Rosanna Gossett
Rosanna Gossett Sample sizes of all my skincare/ body care products and minimal makeup. Of course clothes.
Catherine Bybee
Catherine Bybee A plane ticket
Laura Dobbins Sanders
Laura Dobbins Sanders Plane ticket!!!! Lol
Tina Hobbs Payne
Tina Hobbs Payne A car…I would be taking a car… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
Frank Silverii
Frank Silverii Awesome trip you guys!
Renee Beam
Renee Beam Try carrying a backpack. It might get hot though
Renee Talbot
Renee Talbot Oh and 1st Aid Kit
Doella Gilmer
Doella Gilmer Ship things to your destination points πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
Amy Goodwin Gregory
Amy Goodwin Gregory DEODORANT, toothpaste & toothbrush!
Theresa Mccurry
Theresa Mccurry Wet wipes. Snacks .small bottles of water.
Beverly Purdy
Beverly Purdy First aid kit and maybe some treats
Missy Ryan
Missy Ryan You two crack me up. πŸ˜‚
Theresa Mccurry
Theresa Mccurry One change of clothes
Mike Feltner
Mike Feltner Underwear
Annette Cortez
Annette Cortez Xanax !!!!! pahahahaha just joking !
Kari Wilson Crowley
Kari Wilson Crowley If I can’t take luggage, I’m not going. My makeup wouldn’t fit it those bags. πŸ˜‚
Liliana Hart
Liliana Hart Scott Silverii says I can’t take my makeup bag. I’ve got to fit my essentials in a plastic baggie. I’m guessing my moisturizer is going to be essential after being on the road and in the wind for 6,000 miles. My face will look like shoe leather.
Jill Stoyles
Jill Stoyles get vacuum storage bags then you can take lots more πŸ™‚
Liliana Hart
Liliana Hart
Liliana Hart 21 days
Heidi McLaughlin
Heidi McLaughlin Sun block. Baby wipes to clean up during stops. Clothing essentials. You can stop and do laundry. Lots of hair ties. Flip flops. Swim suit. iPod. phone charger.
Brenda Crowe Hurley
Brenda Crowe Hurley On our motorcycle trips I always took a color base moisturizer with sun screen.
Rebel Phelps Rowlette
Rebel Phelps Rowlette Chapstick, sunscreen, small first aid kit (including Imodium, allergy medicine, pain relief)
Jamie McGuire
Jamie McGuire Helmet. Helmet. Helmet. Helmet. Helmet. I love you. Helmet.
Diane B Jones
Diane B Jones I’d have a car following just in case.
Patti Memoli Wood
Patti Memoli Wood One credit card with a very high limit.
Carolyn White Greene
Carolyn White Greene A hotline number for a mental therapist. 😜
Patricia Oak
Patricia Oak My ereads and charger.
Cheri Lasota
Cheri Lasota Chapstick. Nothing else matters. LOL!
Vicki Batman
Vicki Batman A Jeep Wrangler
Kathy Shannon-Walsh
Sara Gonzales
Sara Gonzales At the bottom of saddle bag or rear boot place a small tarp. Takes virtually no room. Multi-purpose if the worst happens and stuck on side of road it is good to cover from sun and heat, stuck camping makes a easy tent or just to lay out on if you need a break where there is no rest stop. Can also cover the bike in those weird out of blue storms.
Teresa Reasor
Teresa Reasor The next time I go to Scotland I’m going to take a backpack and Tampons, Toilet paper, deodorant, sunscreen, sunglasses, a change of underwear, 2 t-shirts and a pair of jeans and a wind breaker. And my I pad because you can writing on it, take pictures with it, post stuff if you need to. And that’s all. I’ll buy what I need when I get there.
Erika Kelly
Erika Kelly You guys are good! I’m learning so much just from reading this thread. I would show up at the bike with a loaded suitcase, and my husband would be scowling at me. But, just to say, I would have my 2 Kindles and my NOOK. Just to be safe. πŸ™‚
Jennifer Rebecca
Jennifer Rebecca My husband has wanted to do this for years. I might die. But it’s going to be the trip of a lifetime. Pack underpants and sunscreen. Bare minimum makeup. Jeans and shirts. Sweatshirt. Camera.
Pamela Reveal
Pamela Reveal roll your complete outfits undies and socks included together, Rain suit, small bottles of toiletries, sunblock even for lips bandana, lots of wet wipes., reuseable drinking bag hoodie one heavy one light Hair ties around your bottles of toiletries tolietries in snack size baggies inside of shoes Usually tenna shoe will fit in a cowboy boot along with a flipflop
Barb Ferguson
Barb Ferguson If you know where you will be staying call and see if you can ship stuff to the hotel. Then ship a box of extra clothes and essentials! πŸ˜‰ then ship your other stuff back to yourself at home! I had a friend who went to Europe and took all old undergarmeSee More
Pamela Sims
Pamela Sims Sunscreen, lip balm with sunscreen, bikini, panties and bras for three days, couple bandanas, three shirts, hoodie, 2 pairs of jeans, pj pants…do laundry every three days. There’s lots of little things you will need (lotion etc) buy travel sizes and restock as needed. Hair brush, toothbrush.
Lurie Twist
Lurie Twist Is it a military duffle bag? You can put allot of stuff in one of those. Will you be able to stop at Walmart? If so just take trial size of some of the stuff that you can replace like shampoo and such when you run out it will take up less room.
Alison Stone
Alison Stone Surely someone has said lots of underwear. I’m a nervous passenger in a car, never mind a motorcycle. I have never been on my husband’s motorcycle in our 24 years of marriage. Be safe. Have fun. Pack a change of undies.
Rose Cotton
Rose Cotton My hubby and I are doing the same thing in 2 weeks. Change of clothes for 3 days, most hotels have washer and dryer, any bathroom essentials trial size. Chaps and rain gear. Cell chargers and of course your Kindle. Maybe an extra pair of shoes like swim shoes.
Sasha Collins
Sasha Collins Check out YouTube …how to pack an entire outfit in your sock. Might I suggest packing Scotts clothes that way and it will give you more space. Hehe. Kidding….kinda. but at least look at for laughs.

Gigi Hernandez

Gigi Hernandez Some Quick dry henley’s, tanks, jeans, sport bras, undies, socks, a swimsuit, coconut oil (serves as a moisturizer, sun-screen spf 15, and mascara… using an eyelash brush), facial towelettes, hairbrush, headbands/hair band, and lip balm, and you’re good to go.
Brenda Pearson
Brenda Pearson Liliana, take what you need he doesn’t need all those t-shirts…Lol they always wear the same ones anyway. The Essential that all women need. Sorry, Scott, Women rule here, and because you love her, you will take less and give her the space she needs. lol.
Hilleary Peterson
Hilleary Peterson Another thing to keep in mind you will be going through cities and towns so you can always pack travel size toss away stuff and get more on the way plus it gives you an excuse to stretch your legs so you don’t get too saddle sore
Angie Richards
Angie Richards Is there anyway you could use zip strips or bungee cord to hold back pack to the backrest not sure type of bike your riding but I did that even if it looked a little ghetto it’s extra space but definitely sunscreen and asprin because your ass is going to hurt.
Kathy Elaine Farney-Keck
Kathy Elaine Farney-Keck Personal care products can be travel size because you can always get more as you travel. I would down load the kindle app on my phone. An e reader Would take up valuable space.
Melody C. Margrave
Melody C. Margrave I would take your book to read, but you don’t have to do that. πŸ™‚ Sunscreen and aloe. Clothes that can be easily washed and hung anywhere to dry.
Hilleary Peterson
Hilleary Peterson Dry shampoo and those stretchy bandana things keep your hair and sweat out of your eyes under helmet, (can send pic if needed) those things are a life saver
Sheryl Parent
Sheryl Parent Good luck with that. I’d have to have a side cart for my stuff. Lol
Michelle Miles
Michelle Miles Been there. Done that. Make sure you have extra socks.
Virginia Henley
Virginia Henley Been there, done that. Take clean underwear and warm socks.
Jamie Fredrickson
Jamie Fredrickson Wow… Where are you going? That’s like across the US TWICE, LOL…

Lori Kolin Mofield

Lori Kolin Mofield How fun. Husband and I have been talking about doing that very thing! OTC pain reliever for the bottom unless you have a mustang seat or very comfy one. Long way on a bike. πŸ˜€
Robin Allen
Robin Allen Credit cards and return address labels, so you can buy what you need and send it home to be washed. πŸ™‚

Tanya Moss

Tanya Moss Something to rest your butt on because if is going to be sore.
Debbie Labit Lore
Debbie Labit Lore We’ve had 2 motorcycles, my bottom would never make it more than 2 1/2 hrs before I needed a butt break. Good luck.
Dee Brown
Dee Brown Good rain gear, good sunscreen, and comfortable undergarments! Not comfortable to ride if you are being stung by rain /clothes all wet., have a sunburn, or your panties are riding too! May want to bring and extra pair of boots. When you pack roll your clothes as small as you can and then sort of stack them side by side– I find I can get more in the saddle bags that way. Ride safe.
Claydene Hamblin
Claydene Hamblin 6000 miles, lamb skin/gel pack for your seat. Then LuLaRoe clothes, I packed for 14 days in my airlines carry on, so you should be able to get a few things in the saddle bag!
Ann Voss Peterson
Ann Voss Peterson Cash and a credit card.
Trisha Rippe Roze You’ll definitely need a jacket & rain gear. Sunscreen & lip balm.
Tammy Turner
Tammy Turner More cushioning for your butt! Trust me I know!
Sandra Spencer
Sandra Spencer Stuff that you really have to gave.
Doug White
Doug White clean undies and a tooth brush…

Teresa Reasor

Teresa Reasor Maybe some power bars, too.

Judi Fennell

Judi Fennell a good book.
Maureen O. Betita
Maureen O. Betita My credit card.
Terilyn Davis Gilman
Kendra Elliot-Boucher
Kendra Elliot-Boucher Not in this lifetime.
Karen Green
Karen Green Round-trip first-class ticket to meet other person at destination and then to return home and meet them there
Carol Yenne
Carol Yenne Sunscreen