#HOGWild18: Day 8 – Montgomery, Alabama to Biloxi, Mississippi

Have you ever felt like you’d threaded a needle when logic said it wouldn’t be possible? Over the last two days the weather radar has hinted (well, actually more than a hint) that we would get soaked. I told Leah this morning that we’d have to be surgeons to slice through the heavy rain.

When I say that not a drop touched us, I’m not kidding. At one point there were dark gray clouds to the left and right of us, and a bright blue strip of sunshine ahead. Prayers are powerful.

We hit the road from just outside of Montgomery, Alabama after noon. Our first objective was Cracker Barrel. It was an hour away, so I might’ve edged it over 70 mph a bit. Needless to say, we made it in record time. Leah was very happy to enjoy her meat loaf and then relax in the rockers after lunch.

After lunch, we knew there were lots of miles to go before reaching Biloxi, Mississippi. After days of navigating the twisted ribbons twined around mountain roads, the long, straight strip was a welcome change. I often wonder what Leah does during these long rides. I now have proof that she was being “creative.”

She also does the best job ever of navigating, and making adjustments on the fly. She’s a planner. I’m not. We’d spend every night in a tent if it were up to me. Thanks to her and her “points,” obsession, we do get to spend a few nights in her favorite hotels.

But when you’re hammering out miles on a cross-country adventure, there’s really no way of knowing where you’ll end up by the end of the day, or when you’ll get there. She really is the most resourceful person I’ve ever known.

I always ask her to take pics throughout the day so we’d have stuff to share in each night’s travel blog. I think she gets too wrapped up and forgets. Then, as the end of the ride nears, she goes into a snap frenzy. You can see how she tricked me into this photo op.


Looking at this pic and besides wondering why I didn’t delete it, I noticed my helmet. The wind lifts that rascal up so it barely touches my head. It’s kinda cool feeling but until now, I didn’t realize how dorky it looked. Of course, if I cared about aesthetics, I would’ve shaved a month ago!

I had my turn taking pics while we gassed up and grabbed a few bottles of water. Our Harley Davidson shop is Longhorn Harley Davidson, where we not only trust them with the bike’s care, but buy most everything we need after market.

Leah loves the handmade clothes they feature, so she had to have the tank top and headband. She said it makes her feel like a rebel. I just roll my eyes, and agree. Yeah right, rebel.

Well, me and my rebel are in Biloxi for a few days before working our way back to Dallas. I think, and I say this with caution because the reality of it is pretty powerful, but I think we might get to see Rick Springfield. Huge, right? It’s the 80’s baby, and tickets are a whopping $10 bucks.

I wouldn’t care if tickets were $11 bucks, this is 80’s icon Rick Springfield!!!

And, if we decide to sleep late or watch more weather channel instead of rocking with Rick, maybe we’ll get time along the beach. Just us, not with Rick.

Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for our traveling safety, and clear skies. You are amazing.

Do Good,

Scott & Leah

#HOGWild18: Day 7 – North Carolina – South Carolina – Georgia – Alabama


It’s day 7! And yes, we are wearing matching Silverii Summer Sizzler t-shirts. Scott and I have decided as we get older that we’re going to start wearing matching clothes more often. We always see elderly people doing this when we take trips to Las Vegas. We figure they dress alike so they don’t lose each other in a crowd. It’s sound logic.

Today wasn’t an exciting travel day as far as routes and roads go. We were a little sluggish getting out of bed this morning after such an exciting night at Harry Connick Jr. Plus, we raided the vending machines at about 1:30am and watched the Summit with North Korea until the wee hours of the morning.

I know, I know! I’m sure you’re thinking, “Those Silverii’s are party animals.” Well, if by party animal you mean eating Nutter Butters in our pjs in bed and watching TV, then you’d be right.

Also, I have to give mad props to my husband. There are things you find out about your spouse only after you get married, and one of those things Scott got to find out about me is that I’m obsessed with the weather. Like, I’ll watch The Weather Channel for hours. HOURS!

Considering Scott experienced Hurricane Katrina and all the others that have hit the Gulf, he’s probably not all that excited to watch it play out again on television. But he indulges me. That’s sacrifice, people.


We made the four-hour drive from Charlotte, North Carolina to Stone Mountain, Georgia to meet up with friends for an early dinner. Tom and Lynnell Tysl were the leaders of our motorcycle small group at Gateway, and they got relocated to Georgia last year.

We miss them lots, but they truly bring joy to everyone, and they’re the most generous people you’ll ever meet. They’ve never met a stranger, and they have the gift of making anyone feel welcome.

We got to visit for a couple of hours and have a delicious home cooked meal. Let me tell you, we had Blue Bell ice cream and fresh Georgia peaches for dessert.

I’m STILL thinking about those peaches and wondering how I can get some home on the motorcycle. As a side note, how do people eat anything other than Blue Bell? There’s no comparison.


We left the Tysl’s with full bellies, and headed out for the rest of our route. We’re going to spend the next couple of nights in Biloxi, so we wanted to get as close as we could before it got too dark.

When traveling in other parts of the country, I always think of how big Texas is. We rode through four states today (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama), in a matter of hours. It takes two days to get from one side of Texas to the other. This doesn’t have anything to do with anything, I’m just full of wonderings tonight.

The weather looked ominous all day today, but we managed to avoid any rain. We’re going to keep praying for rain avoidance for the rest of the trip too. It could be a close call in the next day or so.

Scott and I are checked into the Hilton (Yay, for Hilton points), and we’re yet again watching The Weather Channel and eating pizza we had delivered to the room.

We’re winding down the trip, and we’re going to take these last couple of days to veg out by the pool and the ocean, catch up on some work, and eat at our favorite restaurant. If you’ve never been to Thirty-Two on top of the IP Resort & Casino, you need to go. They have a bacon appetizer that will blow your mind.

See y’all tomorrow!

Leah and Scott

Romance Writers & Getting Hitched

Supper in Atlanta with Tom & LynnellTysl

Romance Writers & Getting Hitched

Leah was booked to attend the largest writer / reader event in the country for May, 2017. The RT (Romantic Times) was held in Atlanta, Georgia this year, so we decided to drive the 13 hours with a stop at my hometown in Louisiana.

We fly probably close to 100 times each year, so driving 13 or even 18 hours is a welcomed break from the friendly skies. It’s a perfect combination because I love to drive in silence and she loves to sleep while riding. It’s a total stress relief for me, so I always do the driving.

Our suite at the Atlanta Downtown Hyatt

Arriving early to get all of her books and swag organized, we discovered that on Sundays in downtown Atlanta, hordes of ATV, four-wheelers and dirt bikes terrorize the streets. Even from atop the Hyatt Regency, the buzz and whine of those bikes tormented us until I closed the sliding doors of course. It was fun to watch though.

With bestselling author Cristin Harber

RT is a fast and furious event hosting thousands of enthusiastic fans and authors eager to reconnect with friends and meet new readers of their works. Leah had a monster pace thanks to a major book release that same month. She was pulled back and forth between obligations and an innate desire to snooze.

The Darkest Corner

While it was another incredible opportunity to reunite with folks, our hearts were set on the next stop, Fairhope, Alabama. Our niece, Hailey Silverii was marrying her college sweetheart, Andrew Dolan at this semi-neutral destination. I say semi because Andrew is from Mobile, Alabama. I told Hailey she can’t call it a destination wedding when it’s his hometown. She didn’t see the humor in that.

Fairhope is a wonderfully quaint town tucked alongside the bay just across from a bustling Mobile. Besides the constant 25 mph speed limits, it was a fantastic location for a wedding. Honestly, I couldn’t live in a place at that pace, but it works for others.

Hailey just graduated from LSU/Tulane Medical School and after her wedding and honeymoon to Europe, begins her residency in South Carolina. To say we’re proud of her is an understatement.

There was one mishap that could’ve possibly been my fault. While in Europe last summer, I commented on the tiny tub. Leah laughed and corrected me. It was a bidet. We get to Alabama and I comment on the bidet. She laughs still, and says it’s a tiny tub. Either way, I’m not sitting in them.

Tiny tub or bidet?

This was a great outing. We avoided flying, enjoyed driving, loved the book signing and adored the wedding. Then, it was time to power back to Dallas. I say power because the closest Leah came to that was napping. But I’ll be dog gone if she isn’t good at doing it. Like I said, I like to drive in silence.

My Navigator Power Napping

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