#HOGWild Day 3


We decided to skip the extra day in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and power through to get closer to Montana and South Dakota for spending extra time sightseeing. We really enjoyed our time riding the other side of Pig Trail, and of course had to stop at the Pig Trail Harley Davidson shop.

We met a cool couple who gave some suggestions similar to what many of you said about the area around there and Wyoming, so we headed out at noon and biked to Omaha, Nebraska. What that really meant was after a great ride from Eureka Springs to Bentonville, Ark, we rode through Missouri, and rode and rode and rode.

Oh, and we hit Iowa before landing in Nebraska.

I don’t intend to sound like it wasn’t a wonderful day, but we knew there was going to be lots of miles piled onto today so we were better positioned in the morning to make it to South Dakota. We put in over 500 miles with several hours into the night before arriving at the DoubleTree Hotel in Omaha at 11:30pm.

We did make time for a Cracker Barrel along the way. It wouldn’t be a US trip without it. Liliana also learned she can snack on the back of the bike. But what she didn’t learn was to keep her cup holder right-side up. Once it turned over and all of her drink poured out. The next time, her metal cup and metal straw fell out of the holder and rattled along the interstate in Kansas City.

I guess it didn’t hit anyone. I guess. But alas, she’s rightfully without her cup. She did manage to hang onto the beef jerky. Had I known she was photographing while hand feeding me like a dog, I wouldn’t have accepted it. Wait….yes I would.

I learned a valuable lesson today when riding through very familiar looking farmland. Check your route before hopping back onto the interstate. Most gas stops brought us into small towns, so the interstate was a few miles behind us. We stopped at this modest spot, and I was finally able to upload my Spotify travelling soundtrack – Dolly Pardon and Kenny Rogers favorite hits.

When we headed back to the highway, I was so enraptured with singing “The Gambler.” I might’ve turned the wrong way. We were almost 15 miles down the way before Leah recognized a barn that had caught our attention once before. You know, while we were going the right way. Good catch on that one. We’d ended back in Eureka Springs before I would’ve stopped singing Islands In The Stream.

We stopped at this store for gas and water. I’m not sure why I thought it was funny, but I tried to snap a pic of Leah walking out of it. Of course, that only made me look like a stalker, so I just snapped a pic. I’ve never seen these stores. maybe it was just funny to me. Leah said the water was expensive.

I’ll share that we’ve been in total awe as we’ve been blessed with wonderful weather. I said God has done a great job with climate control. We even had to sport jackets this evening as we arrived through the KC area after it had rained. It was so cool, and comfortable. I don’t think we’ve sweltered once so far.

Fancy pants wasn’t pleased that her big-girl riding tights were smattered with bug inners after the sun went down. Of course she only laughed each time she heard the crash of a bug into my helmet through the intercom.

After mountains over the first 2 days, the flatlands was different. Very different, but it was beautiful. I always try imagining what qualities about a geography attracted the earliest settlers. It’s easy to see why this territory was so popular and prosperous. Besides it’s rolling serenity, it’s magnificent farm and dairy land.

We’re beat, and actually Leah is sound asleep next to me while I finish this up. She said do it on the morning, but I always remind her that cowboys tend to their horses before all else. She said it made no sense, but I know how important it is to prioritize what needs to be taken care of. It just makes me feel better to think about being a cowboy!

Last year we were in Europe for the 4th of July. It was odd. This year we’re in the midst of America’s heartland, and I cannot wait to share it with her and you. We’ve got a gorgeous country, and a God who has blessed it in so many ways. I pray that you’ll find the beauty in your celebrations.

God Bless America

Scott & Leah

4 thoughts on “#HOGWild Day 3

  1. Also out in farm country phone/internet is not always accesdible, barely a bar…down to 1G or nothing…know your route…you may not have gps


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