#HOGWild Day 16

Day 16!

It’s my day to do the blog, so there’s something important I need to bring to everyone’s attention before we can move onto the business at hand.

I dunno…what do you think?

Okay, now we can move on.

I’ve got a confession to make. I discovered Ancestry.com pretty late last night, and I didn’t go to sleep until five this morning.

Scott and I are both fascinated by ancestry because we don’t know that much about our families past our grandparents, so this has been really cool. Don’t tell Scott, but I ordered us both DNA test kits so we can see what our heritage is.

Because I went to bed at five this morning, I slept until eleven. Scott got up early because God told him to get up and go do his prayer and study time, so that’s what he did.

I stumbled in a few hours later, bleary-eyed and in my underwear, with weird creases on my skin from the sheets. I’m not a fan of morning.

Scott let me sit in his lap, so I curled up and got comfortable. We snuggled for several minutes before he told me I looked like Gollum. Then he said, “Let me hear you say My Precious.”

This is pretty much what living with Scott is like all the time. He likes to be entertained. As he’s said before, I’m incredibly patient and almost always indulge him. 

This set an interesting tone for our morning prayer time, but it truly was a great prayer. Scott said this has been more like a three week prayer journey, with motorcycle-riding in between, and he couldn’t have said it better.

It’s been an amazing time getting to know each other on an even deeper level, and I think we’ll never forget this trip and what we’ve learned from it.

Thank goodness for late checkout, because it was after one by the time I transformed from Gollum to my regular self. We left the hotel, and Scott immediately drove us to Arby’s to eat. If he’s learned anything over the last several years, it’s that feeding me is important.

My husband is a brilliant man. And I was ready to roll.

Today’s trek was from Rock Springs, Wyoming to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The terrain changed drastically as soon as we set out. The mountains became more rugged and the landscape more stark. The sky was gorgeous. 

It was a long stretch of highway before we made it to a town (that had a population of just over three hundred) so we could fill up the tank and get some gatorade. By the time we filled up and got back on the bike, the sky looked like this.

So we put on the rain gear and took off.

Other than the occasional sharp pelt of rain to the face, the cooler temperatures and the wind that came in with the storm felt nice.

Before long, we were approaching Steamboat Springs.

Which is another gorgeous resort town, but we’ve already bought our quota of property on this trip, so we’re safe.

And they have Mexican food restaurants, which perked me right up. It’s been more than two weeks since we had Mexican food, and that’s a long time for us.

I love queso more than I should. I was going through withdrawal. And I think Scott was happy too. Nothing excites that man like guacamole. Unless it’s chocolate.

I think dinner did him in, because he’s in “man position,” reclined on the bed with the remote in his hand while I dig deeper into his ancestry.

We’re heading to Denver tomorrow. The last time we were in Denver we saw all the sights in the Jeep, but I look forward to seeing them again on the bike.

I think I’m going to join Scott in his “man position,” and try to get a normal night’s sleep.

See you tomorrow,

Leah and Scott



8 thoughts on “#HOGWild Day 16

  1. I ordered a DNA test a while back, but I haven’t sent it off yet. My family has a very rich oral history, but it could come back contradictory. I’m not sure how that would affect things. I’m going to send it off soon though…

    I’m glad you guys are getting so much out of your trip! Prayer time is super important and getting that together as a couple is wonderful. A friend of mine and her husband pick out Bible study’s that they can do together. That’s when they feel that they grow most as a couple.


  2. Following you both on this journey has been fun. Reading each of your perspectives puts a smile on my face. You are both wonderful. The pictures are spectacular. Enjoy the rest of your journey ❤️
    PS… The Moses pic and Scott lol 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My sister has done my father’s tree back to 1739. It’s really interesting. We have an ancestor that was a Lutheran priest whose body was buried under his church when he passed in Lappland, Finland.


  4. I’ve been wanting to look into ancestry.com but didn’t know anyone that’s talked about its success besides the people on the advertisements. Let us all know what you think please long term. Seeing Scott’s pics daily with the longer and longer beard is like “OH MY GAWD” different. lol Pic about is looking accurate. lol
    Yall two stay SAFE please. I say a prayer for yall every morning when I wake up that each day’s adventures keeps yall safe on the highways.


    1. Thank you dearly for the prayers. And not laughing at the beard (ha). She’s been on it a few days. No one in my family knew anything about our past. My dad never once spoke a word about it. We knew our grandfather came over from Italy to Philadelphia. That was it. We’ve found a whole history with actual records through social security and naturalization records. It truly is incredible.


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