#HOGWild Day 11

You know how you go to Montana and end up buying property? No? Is that just us?

Our schedule has changed. We ended up staying an extra night in Whitefish, Montana because we love it, and because we needed an extra day to rest.

We got up this morning (yes, before noon), and went to the spa for a couple’s massage. By the time we finished, we were limp like noodles and asked the front desk to add another night to our stay.

I’m not sure if staying another day away from the bike was wise, but it sure was nice to wear loafers instead of heavy leather boots and shorts instead of jeans. But we hear the call of the wild howling our names to return to the endless black ribbon across America.

I had Leah take a pic in front of woods so we at least looked like we’d been in nature today. Not sure where the handshake came in but at least it’s an action shot. You can see how thrilled she was doing this.

So once the “luxury” cabin was offered for another night thanks to a shower that didn’t work, a washer/dryer that didn’t work and the half roll of toilet paper they blessed us with from day 1 ran out, we settled in for a day of shopping.

We met a very nice realtor who told Leah how to find him downtown. His description was he was wearing shorts and was very handsome. When we found Trini, he was indeed wearing shorts. We wanted a place up this way, and he was the guy to find it.

Talk about a small world. One of my childhood friends bought a place in Whitefish. The condo we want is adjacent to his. After living on the west side of town as kids, and then not seeing each other almost 30 years, we may end up as neighbors in Montana.

You can tell we’re a little excited about this find. We also have friends who live in Whitefish full-time, so that’s another plus. And, it’ll be a great place to vacation with the kids. Trust me, we don’t take God’s blessings for granted.

Once we left Trini, and his shorts, we headed back to the cabin to get our clothes cleaned. They said set them out under the patio. We grabbed amazing pizza at Ciao Mambo, where people line up an hour before the doors open for supper-only service. It was worth the wait.

I can tell you that upon returning home, the big bag of clothes was gone. So we’ll either have freshly laundered clothes by 9:00am tomorrow or some bear is ballin in Sturgis 2017 Harley Davidson shirts and a slightly tattered bandana. Either way, the bear wins.

Tomorrow after signing a few papers, we mount up on what I call “Trusty Dusty,” and ride out to Butte, Montana. This is a big state. Not as big as Texas, but almost. It’ll be a good welcome back to the saddle before crossing the Grand Tetons and the Rockies into Steamboat, Colorado in the next few days.

I took my girl for an actual walk after supper and we enjoyed a Huckleberry dessert and sweet tea. Why can’t everywhere have sweet tea like we do in the south?

As I’m posting these pictures, it’s funny I never noticed how white my beard was. I told Leah that July was my caveman month and I wasn’t shaving. When the wind parts it during rides is when you know it needs some tender, grooming care.

So as Leah has offered everyone who wants to visit, and by visit, she means, rent the condo up here, here’s a cozy room waiting for you just down the road from the best snow skiing in America.

See you all tomorrow from the road.

Scott & Leah



11 thoughts on “#HOGWild Day 11

  1. That looks like a wonderful place to go for a writer’s retreat! Montana is absolutely beautiful in winter! When I was moving back to Birmingham from Seattle I knew everything was going to be ok once I hit Montana. The snow was so high that it was up to the rooftops! As a kid from Florida I had never seen anything so beautiful and peaceful. You guys are going to love it there!


  2. It looks beautiful,glad to see that y’all haven’t gotten eaten by any bears,I will be on the look out for that bear wear Harley Davidson clothes lol.. y’all be safe..


  3. I think I can honestly say you are the only couple I know who bought a condo as a souvenir on a vacation. Congratulations! The trip continues, I’m glad I’m vicariously along for the ride! Vroom vroom, where to next?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m so impressed y’all continuing the journey .. I can’t wait to visit Montana.. plz connect me with the info we need to rent your cabin …. we have plans to visit Montana next vacation season.


    1. Hi Fay,
      We’ll make sure to post the info once everything is final. This truly is the most beautiful place we’ve ever been. And yes, we must continue the journey if we want to get home. Although, I have offered Leah a plane ticket, but she insist on staying with me on the bike.


  5. Awesome, Amazing, spreading your wings and enjoying what life has to offer – nothing better. ❤ Enjoy and safe travels ❤


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