Welcome To The Adventure

faith travel picGod has blessed Leah and I both with an adventurous spirit and the ability to work anywhere in the world. An irony before I retired as a chief of police was that our own travels kept us separated most weeks each month. It was a major decision in my retirement, but once I honored God’s calling to leave the job, He blessed us with regular adventure.

Leah and I have talked about a travel site for a few years, and on the cusp of our 21 day, 6,000 mile motorcycle trip in July, we finally made it happen. Talk about procrastination!

Now we sure don’t want you to hesitate to sign up for adventure updates and good news. We promise not to bug ya…much. It easy, just CLICK HERE

Not only do we look forward to sharing our adventures, faith and lessons learned along the path, but we look forward to solid advice from others who travel or live in the areas we visit, and possibly fellowship along the path.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and follow our adventures.

Scott & Leah

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