Savannah, Georgia

We spent the last week in Orlando at the Swan and Dolphin Resort at Disney World. Scott’s not a fan of Disney World, so it was probably a good thing we had nothing but back to back meetings.

When we weren’t in meetings, we were holed up in the hotel room watching Forensic Files and ordering 2am pizza, which is usually a bad life choice, but seemed like a good idea at the time.

And Friday was pretty awesome because our morning meeting was moved to the afternoon, so we slept late and just played and talked until pretty late in the day. It was a good day.

We’re still trying to catch up on sleep from the motorcycle trip, and our days and nights are mixed up. Not to mention, I think we’re just plain exhausted and we’re looking forward to our own bed for the month of August.

It’ll be short-lived though, because we’re heading to Australia in September, which you’ll get to read all about right here on the site.

We had a ton of people come up to us at the conference this week saying they were sad the motorcycle trip ended because they loved reading the blog every day. We’re going to keep the blog going.

We’ve got A LOT of work travel in the next year, including Australia, Venice, Malta, Croatia, Greece, Rome, plus a crazy trip with the kids for a book signing in DC. We’ll keep this page hopping. Promise.

After we left Disney, we hopped in the convertible we rented, put the top down, and drove the four and a half hours to Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is one of my favorite cities, and it’s the setting for my Addison Holmes series, so I’ve got a soft spot for it. I was especially excited to get to share it with Scott because he’s never been here before.

As you can imagine, we have some crazy hotel and airline points. We chose the Mansion at Forsyth Park by Marriott for our two night stay in Savannah.

We have a great view of the park from our room, and when we woke up this morning, there were already people set up for picnics and volleyball games.

This is Scott in front of the hotel, sporting his Superman shirt he thought he lost while we were on the motorcycle trip. He was very glad to find it in the box of dirty clothes we shipped home from South Dakota.

We’re not much on walking tours, so we grabbed the convertible, put the top down, and did a street by street tour of the city. I still love it as much as I did the first time I visited, and I was so happy Scott loved it too. It’s nice to be able to share something you love with the person you love.

The homes are grand, the small green spaces every couple of blocks are immaculate, and everything about the city is genteel southern charm. 

We ate lunch down on River Street at a seafood place that looked out over the Savannah River. We had Shrimp and Grits and Crab Cakes, and you just don’t get better than that in low country.

We also had entertainment as we sat on the balcony and enjoyed the food.


Between the Georgia Queen making a pass, and the buggies and horse drawn carriages, we were thoroughly entertained.

After lunch, we continued our tour and headed to the cemetery. Scott’s probably not as big of a fan of cemeteries as I am, but he indulged me anyway. I love going through and seeing a story of someone’s life written on the headstones, sometimes the lives of entire families.

I was fortunate to find a quarter to put in the parking meter. A quarter doesn’t buy as many minutes as it used to.

This is the entrance to the cemetery. I’m not a hundred percent sure what Scott is doing, but there were an unusual amount of birds and squirrels following us around. Coincidence? I think not.

The cemetery was filled with great signs like this one, and all of the graves were Pre-Civil War and Pre-Revolutionary War, with many war heroes buried there. It was fascinating to read about them.

It was a short walk next door to the police department. I had to remind Scott he was retired after he saw the cool cars sitting out front.

We also had the privilege of running into this little guy, which we feel might have a lot in common with our 8 year old.

Scott wanted me to take a picture of the sign below. He said something about the good old days and grenades. I’ll let you interpret that how you wish.

We left the car with valet and decided to walk to dinner. Scott found a little place on the corner a few blocks down that served Sloppy Joes and Ribs and Mac n’ Cheese. Lord, I love this town. The Hitch’s menus are all amazing. Probably a good thing we’re going home soon or we’ll have to wear stretchy pants everywhere.

Tomorrow, we’re heading to Hilton Head to meet our good friend and amazing author, CJ Lyons for lunch, and then we’re driving on to Charleston to meet up with our niece and her husband the next few days.

I’m sure we’ll have more good food and great places to share with you!

Until tomorrow,

Leah and Scott

Romance Writers of America: #RWA2017 – Orlando, Florida

Soooooooooo….what do you do to follow up on a 21 day, 6,000 mile motorcycle adventure across America?

Get home on Saturday. Wash piles of dirty clothes. Go to bed about 3:00 am. Wake up and throw clothes into suitcases. Fly to Orlando Sunday morning.

I was also surprised once we picked up the car at the Orlando Airport. Seems fancy pants ordered a convertible Mustang. Besides her gigantic suitcase not fitting in it, we couldn’t figure out how to pull back the top. We ended up Googling how to do it, but when we tried opening the top while we were flying down the interstate, we got an alert on the dashboard to cease and desist.


Once our bodies stopped lurching in forward motion, as if still wrangling against the wind on the bike, we collapsed in our Disney World hotel. We woke up Monday around 2:30pm. Neither of us panicked at the time. The weeks had taken a physical toll.

The writer’s conference began Tuesday, and immediately we began running into friends. Running into friends is what makes all the meetings and signings during the week worth it.

Today was a fun time, where Leah got to hang out with a few authors to do a live video promotion for an anthology they all contributed to. Julie Kenner, next to my bride, is our friend who we promised we’ll visit soon at the shooting range. Then Leah mentioned something about a spa weekend.

I enjoyed being there to broadcast this chat session on her Facebook page. BUT, I got a little distracted and started taking taking my own pics with another very cool friend while the professionals chatted up their work. It’s a fun pic with Melissa MSRheilander Consulting, me and my beard. Yes, I’m still sporting it.

There’s a long commons area where everyone seems to hang out when they’re not attending courses and meetings. It’s kind of where Leah and I hung out to do what I love to do. Talk to people.

Leah, on the other hand, is a bit of an introvert, and she wanted snacks. She has also developed what I think is an unhealthy desire to watch Forensic Files. I’m not sure if I should be worried.

I would like to take this moment to say that this wasn’t my donut. I’m not saying Leah ate it all, but it’s not mine. And maybe she did eat it all.

For those of you who follow our Faithful Marriage blog, we had lunch with the amazing Hallee Bridgeman, who writes incredible articles for the blog. We love her dearly and treasure her friendship and wisdom.

Besides the meeting and greeting, we had fantastic eating. Shula’s Steakhouse happened to be where we ate two nights in a row. I was happy to give it a try because The Miami Dolphins were my all-time favorite team in the 70’s. The menu was a football with Coach Shula’s autograph. I gotta tell ya, if Leah had not stopped me, I was going to dine and dash with that thing in my prized menu.

Now, in all honesty I would’ve never tried that, but I was about one more delicious sour-dough bun from convincing Leah to high-tail it with the pig skin.

We did end up breaking away from the consecutive nights at Shula’s. Leah’s agent, Kristin Nelson of Nelson Literary Agency invited us to dinner at Columbia’s Restaurant. We were joined by several other of her clients who are all amazing people, as well as authors. In addition to the great time and meal, we figured out how to drop the top to the convertible.

It was a fun ride during a cool evening to taxi these ladies back to the resort. As an added bonus, our 15 year old is crazy about author Ally Carter, and we got a picture to prove it to give us street cred. Oh, and there is the fantastic Kristin Nelson behind Leah who didn’t get nervous about the impending rain and lightning. Like we did. Notice the lack of a low-slung black canvas top. It’s official, we’re driving a rented convertible.

Now, I won’t say Leah has been a bit aggressive since getting all bikered up after the #HOGWild17 motorcycle adventure, though maybe she has been a little aggressive after all the Forensic Files. But this was the last thing I was able to escape before bedtime. I know what you’re thinking. I’m a little frightened too.

Big day tomorrow. We’ll see you all soon.

Scott and Leah