Gateway Motorcycle Group: Day 4 – The Short Road Home

Well, we’ve had four mornings of waking up before eight o’clock. Just be aware that these blogs posts are only recorded with events that occur after 11:00am, because that’s when my brain wakes up.

Scott told me this morning, rather defiantly I might add, that he is a morning person, and he’s going to wake up early every morning now that we’ve tasted four days of facing the eastern sun. After I stopped laughing and wiped the tears from my eyes, I gave him a supportive pat on the shoulder.


Today started with an 8:15 kickstands up to head home. It was a long stretch of highway, but Scott and I had a blast because I downloaded an app that lists all the Texas Historical Markers (I know, we’re wild and crazy!). But now that we’re married, Scott has discovered that I have an enormous inner nerd that I successfully hid while we were dating.


Fortunately, we had hours of highway in front of us, a full charge on our headsets, and a $2.99 app that gave us (mostly me) endless pleasure by learning Texas history. Scott’s not from Texas, so he doesn’t understand that we’re special. Those of you from Texas know this already, so I’m preaching to the choir. I think Scott is duly impressed, and he can now be considered a true Texan.


One of the first things I had to educate him about was about The Republic of Texas, and how most Texans still think of us as our own country, even though we’re part of the United States.

The second thing I had to educate him about was about The Yellow Rose of Texas and the Battle of San Jacinto. And then we might have sung the song while flying down the highway on a motorcycle. I thought everyone knew about The Yellow Rose of Texas, but I was wrong. I mean, Scott even has a yellow rose tattoo.


We also determined that we would make terrible farmers, and that Texans pretty much spent the 1800s fighting everyone (Mexico, Native Americans, and the United States). But we’ve had a couple hundred years to practice open-carry. Even the car line moms are packing heat. Don’t mess with Texas.

It’s also pretty incredible to think of people truly settling a homestead or a community and creating something out of nothing. Would you have survived as they did? It makes for an interesting conversation.

We stopped for lunch in Ennis, TX at the Firehouse Grill. It was delicious. And they’re a big supporter of first responders, so you know we love that. I’m not sure what Scott is doing to me in this picture, but his beard is very soft.


This was the end of the journey for us. We had an amazing lunch, and we’ve been so blessed to be on this trip and get to know people who will be lifelong friends. It’s been a great time of fellowship and friendship, and I can’t wait to do it again.


We prayed, hugged, and then said goodbye. And then Scott and I headed toward home, where we took a couple of seconds to unload the bike and toss everything on the floor. Then we fell into bed for a nap. Showers followed after we woke, and then Scott decided he needed a haircut. See image below for evidence of said haircut.


This is the end of this journey, but we’ll be back in November with more travel posts when we head to the Mediterranean for a couple of weeks for the XO Marriage Cruise. Though Scott might not be able to post if he’s being too romantic. We’ll see.

Until then!


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