#HOGWild17 Recap

For some crazy reason we couldn’t sleep after getting back home, so we tried to capture our thoughts about the adventure. I’m hoping Leah had more success with the facial scrub.

This was a short video Facebook put together with a few great pics and videos from the trip.
Below is a picture gallery of some of the shots we took during our trip.
Thank for again for coming along
Scott & Leah

6 thoughts on “#HOGWild17 Recap

  1. Thank you so much for allowing us to go along on your adventure. My wonderlust is getting so strong, but we don’t have the opportunity to travel much. I truly loved waking up every. Morning and reading about your days adventure.

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  2. It was bittersweet reading your last post 😟. I LOVED LOVED that you all shares your experience with us. I find you both to be an inspiration to me in your faith, marriage and family. Through reading your daily post I found myself praying each night, asking God to keep you all safe and then talking to him about other things. I have always prayed, but not consistently. After 22 (Orlando) days of nightly prayers to include your safe travels I have found myself more at peace and looking forward to my time with God. I have you all to thank for reminding me what is truly important.
    Thanks again
    Lorie Harrell


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