Need Advice: Packing For Motorcycle Cross Country

2017 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited

Need Advice: Packing For Motorcycle Cross Country

I’ve dreamed of this upcoming trip for decades, but instead of the right to left route, we’re heading north and back south again. We’ll be crossing country twice for over 6,000 miles during 21 days.

At one time, and I may still do it, I want to ride my bicycle across the country from west to east. And then stop there and fly home. Maybe!

This distance on a bike is a first for either of us. While plenty of research has been done, it’s nothing like asking those with the chops and sore butt to share.

6,000 Mile Route

We’re taking our 2017 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited for the journey. It has two hard saddlebags, a touring trunk and a luggage rack for a duffel.

In all sincerity, what do we bring to ensure a safe, fun and completed adventure?

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13 thoughts on “Need Advice: Packing For Motorcycle Cross Country

  1. Thin layers. Since you’re traveling up north, the days will be warm, sometimes very warm, but the nights can be cool, even down to the upper 40s.

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  2. Vacuum packing bags save space and they even keep the humidity out of clothing. I was serious about the butt balm in July heat. Rain gear. Advil for weary wrists. A message envy along the way does wonders. My niece is a wrangler at a fabulous dude ranch on your route. You guys would love her. She does mission work in the Dominican every year. Let me know if you want to stop by. HAVE FUN!

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    1. Awesome. I used to keep utter cream with me when I rode 100 mile bicycle races. You gotta care for the 3 main contact points, and the butt is key!!!
      What state is she in? We’re trying to schedule down days, so we’d love it.

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      1. She’s in SE Wyoming. Looks like your route takes you very close. Brush Creek Ranch. Amazing place. It’s her second year working the summer. Her pictures are amazing. Tried to get my girl to go with her this year, but she didn’t want to leave the boyfriend that long. Spa..shooting..horseback..ATVs.. you name it.

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  3. Due to the different climates you’ll be driving through, maybe some lightweight, thermals. Anything over a week I packed 2 bottoms, several lightweight tops (tanks and thin tees), foldable flats, 1 shorts, slinky dress. The male half did similar, couple thin weight changes of clothes and a decent pair of pants/shirts, a pair of loafers. There’s a specific way of folding that takes up far less space called KonMari that might help.

    Consolidate essentials kit. I take toothbrush, razor, toothpaste, qtips and either use what hotels provide or pick up travel sizes along the way. No purse, my phone case doubles as a wallet, and the few makeup items I take fit in a very small pouch. If you’re pulling a trailer, you’ll be able to take a bit more. We always each had a saddle bag and then the trunk kept bike gear and rain suits and miscellaneous stuff we’d need between stops. A roadway map of the different areas you’re traveling as GPS isn’t always reliable. A netbook/small Mac keeps you connected at stops and takes very little space.

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  4. OTC pain medication for those aches and pains, good navigational tool or app, small easy to get to hairbrush for Liliana post helmet removal, good reflective wrap around sunglasses to keep road dirt out, always wear your leathers even though it gets warm because road rash is definitely a deal breaker, and most important bring out your inner child regarding awe and wonderment regarding your sights, blessings, people to meet, and the closeness you will have being together. Godspeed to you both!

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  5. Ducts tape and zip ties and a multi-tool for emergency repairs. Pack stuff in garbage bags to keep dry but also to use as emergency rain gear (ya they work pretty good). If camping stuff close in garbage bag for a nice pillow. Powerful sunblock,

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