Romance Writers & Getting Hitched

Supper in Atlanta with Tom & LynnellTysl

Romance Writers & Getting Hitched

Leah was booked to attend the largest writer / reader event in the country for May, 2017. The RT (Romantic Times) was held in Atlanta, Georgia this year, so we decided to drive the 13 hours with a stop at my hometown in Louisiana.

We fly probably close to 100 times each year, so driving 13 or even 18 hours is a welcomed break from the friendly skies. It’s a perfect combination because I love to drive in silence and she loves to sleep while riding. It’s a total stress relief for me, so I always do the driving.

Our suite at the Atlanta Downtown Hyatt

Arriving early to get all of her books and swag organized, we discovered that on Sundays in downtown Atlanta, hordes of ATV, four-wheelers and dirt bikes terrorize the streets. Even from atop the Hyatt Regency, the buzz and whine of those bikes tormented us until I closed the sliding doors of course. It was fun to watch though.

With bestselling author Cristin Harber

RT is a fast and furious event hosting thousands of enthusiastic fans and authors eager to reconnect with friends and meet new readers of their works. Leah had a monster pace thanks to a major book release that same month. She was pulled back and forth between obligations and an innate desire to snooze.

The Darkest Corner

While it was another incredible opportunity to reunite with folks, our hearts were set on the next stop, Fairhope, Alabama. Our niece, Hailey Silverii was marrying her college sweetheart, Andrew Dolan at this semi-neutral destination. I say semi because Andrew is from Mobile, Alabama. I told Hailey she can’t call it a destination wedding when it’s his hometown. She didn’t see the humor in that.

Fairhope is a wonderfully quaint town tucked alongside the bay just across from a bustling Mobile. Besides the constant 25 mph speed limits, it was a fantastic location for a wedding. Honestly, I couldn’t live in a place at that pace, but it works for others.

Hailey just graduated from LSU/Tulane Medical School and after her wedding and honeymoon to Europe, begins her residency in South Carolina. To say we’re proud of her is an understatement.

There was one mishap that could’ve possibly been my fault. While in Europe last summer, I commented on the tiny tub. Leah laughed and corrected me. It was a bidet. We get to Alabama and I comment on the bidet. She laughs still, and says it’s a tiny tub. Either way, I’m not sitting in them.

Tiny tub or bidet?

This was a great outing. We avoided flying, enjoyed driving, loved the book signing and adored the wedding. Then, it was time to power back to Dallas. I say power because the closest Leah came to that was napping. But I’ll be dog gone if she isn’t good at doing it. Like I said, I like to drive in silence.

My Navigator Power Napping

How do you like to travel?

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