#HOGwild17 Is Coming Together

#HOGwild17 Is Coming Together

Leah and I are heading out July 1, 2017 for 21 days, and 6,000 miles from Dallas up north and back through the west.

Up until last night, we didn’t know exactly where we were going, only that there was country to see and three weeks to see it. It looks like things are shaping up and we have a framework for the route.

We’re getting great advice from others who have made similar journeys, and will probably keep our options open up until the day before. Please tag along with the social media hashtag – #HOGwild17.

Also, please join us on Facebook  – TwitterFaithful.Live


Day 1 TX to Ouchita National Park via hwy 71 to Fort Smith- 6 hours 4 minutes

Day 2-3 Pig Trail Scenic Byway highway 23 through ozark national park to brashears to Eureka springs (stay overnight or two)

Day 3-4 Fort Leavenworth Kansas 4.5 hours

Day 5-6 Lewis and Clark scenic byway to Sioux City 4 hours

Day 6-7 Sioux City to Badlands area 5 hours

Day 7-8 Badlands to Mount Rushmore to Deadwood 2 hours (day or two)

Day 8-9 Medora, North Dakota 3.5 hours

Day 9 Lewiston, MT 4.5 hours

Day 10-12 whitefish, MT 5.5 hours

Day 12-13 Butte, MT 4 hours

Day 13 Red Lodge, MT 3.5 hours

Day 14-15 t Beartooth Hwy scenic road to Old Faithful, WY 4 hours

Day 15 Grand Teton National Park to Rock Springs, WY 5.5 hours

Day 16 Rock Springs to Steamboat Springs 3.5 hours

Day 17 Trail Ridge Road, CO Scenic Hwy to Denver to Colorado Springs 5.5 hours

Day 18 Colorado Springs to Trinidad 1.5 hours

Day 19 Trinidad to Woodward OK 5 hours

Day 20 Norman, OK

Day 21 Home

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