#Bike2Biloxi – Memorial Day Weekend

We were anxious to hit the open road for our first multi-day bike trip together.

#Bike2Biloxi – Memorial Day Weekend

Leah and I planned our first true vacation for the 2017 Memorial Day weekend. For us that means leaving both laptops at home.

It was also going to be her first multi-day trip on the Harley Davidson. Our goal is to take more long trips on the bike, and this Dallas to Biloxi route would be a great trial run for her and the brand new Ultra Limited.

About 30 minutes outside of Dallas

It wasn’t 30 minutes away from home that we stopped for fuel. Leah, who loves her big Coke and snacks, quickly learned there was no place to hold them. Oh, and neither could she drink the Coke with her helmet on. It wouldn’t matter because we spent the next 7 hours getting blasted by rain.

The funny thing about weather is there’s not much funny about it. By the time we’d arrived in Ruston, Louisiana, it was cold, dark and the rain was unrelenting. People also filling up with gas actually begged us not to continue east because the weather was so horrible.

Leah, who’d been assuring me we’d out ride it, finally laughed with a confession that she’d not looked at the right radar. Well, maybe there was a little humor. Anyway, after a good night of drying out soggy everythings, we resumed the trek toward Biloxi the next day.

We usually enjoy staying at the Imperial Palace, but we thought the swimming pools and cabana would be better at the Beau Rivage. We had family coming to meet us, so what we thought was a better option. We were wrong.

It was the oddest business practice, but customers had to call the night before to request a cabana at $300 per day. There was no guarantee that it was yours for the day. Customers had to physically go down to the pool at 8:00 am that morning to see if they were selected for one of the cabanas.

Now, if you were given access to it, there was no cut off time for claiming and paying for it. The practice was maddening. Cabanas sat unoccupied and unpaid for all day when people failed to use them. We spoke with several staff and supervisors and offered to pay upfront for four days use. They couldn’t accept our money or guarantee access.

We snagged a cabana for one day

We did enjoy the restaurants and music at the Beau Rivage. Once family arrived we treated them to one of our favorite restaurants in the country. Thirty-Two is located atop the IP, and we’ve enjoyed it over the last few years. No trip to the gulf coast is complete without dining there. My family enjoyed it as well.

Elevator rides and road-worn leather usually allowed us solo trips

We had a sunny and fantastic time together. It was just the break we needed, and the opportunity to reconnect. Of course, part of any trip we take must include meals at Cracker Barrel. We should really buy stock in the place. Leah enjoyed the big breakfast around 2:00pm, but who’s keeping score!

Luv’n Cracker Barrel

We did good, and I was proud of Leah for making it 6 days on the bike. The weather going out was horrible, but reinforced the value of a good rain suit. The weather blessed us on the trek home. Blue skies and light traffic helped us get home safe and sound. We both enjoyed a long nap on the couch once we arrived home. It was good to be home.

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