Welcome To The Adventure

Not only do we look forward to sharing our adventures, faith and lessons learned along the path, but we look forward to solid advice from others who travel or live in the areas we visit, and possibly fellowship along the path.Read more

Savannah, Georgia

We spent the last week in Orlando at the Swan and Dolphin Resort at Disney World. Scott’s not a fan of Disney World, so it was probably a good thing we had nothing but back to back meetings. When we weren’t in meetings, we were holed up in the hotel room watching Forensic Files and ordering 2am pizza, which is usually a bad life choice, but seemed like a good idea at the time. And Friday was pretty awesome becauseRead more

Romance Writers of America: #RWA2017 – Orlando, Florida

Soooooooooo….what do you do to follow up on a 21 day, 6,000 mile motorcycle adventure across America? Get home on Saturday. Wash piles of dirty clothes. Go to bed about 3:00 am. Wake up and throw clothes into suitcases. Fly to Orlando Sunday morning. I was also surprised once we picked up the car at the Orlando Airport. Seems fancy pants ordered a convertible Mustang. Besides her gigantic suitcase not fitting in it, we couldn’t figure out how to pullRead more

#HOGWild17 Recap

For some crazy reason we couldn’t sleep after getting back home, so we tried to capture our thoughts about the adventure. I’m hoping Leah had more success with the facial scrub. This was a short video Facebook put together with a few great pics and videos from the trip. Below is a picture gallery of some of the shots we took during our trip. Thank for again for coming along Scott & LeahRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 21 – Waco to Home Base Dallas, Texas

Day 21, and oh what a bittersweet day it was. Leah and I wanted to do something a little different for our last day. We each took to the task of recounting our visit to Chip and Joanna Gaines‘ Magnolia at the Silos. And, we posed 5 questions to each other about our experiences. This should be entertaining. Neither of us read what the other wrote beforehand. Let’s Begin We arrived home around 4:30pm and immediately began debating over whoRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 20 – Waco, Texas

It’s Day 20! Somewhere between Albuquerque and Lubbock, we experienced a time change, which our phones chose not to observe. And for some reason, even though we checked into our hotel after 1am last night, we stayed up until 5am. Which means we actually got up at 12:30 instead of 11:30. Once again, we’re grateful our hotel status grants us guaranteed late checkout. Though it was probably a poor life choice to stay up until 5am, especially considering the longRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 19 – Lubbock, Texas

Yesterday Leah asked if we just wanted to hit it hard and head home. I considered the benefits of getting home a day early, but suggested we finish strong as planned. After easing into our hotel room after 1:00am, I had regrets. But not for long. You’ll notice all of the outdoor pictures have one thing in common – SUN. Oh yeah, and it’s flat. Albuquerque, New Mexico is hot and sunny. Not Big Sky sunny, but the clouds createRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 18 – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Day 18! This is the third time I’ve tried to write this post, and it’s after midnight, so if the computer deletes the post again Scott might be picking up pieces of Mac from the parking lot. There are two kinds of people in the world. Morning people and night people. I’m sure you can figure out which ones we are without too much trouble. For the last eighteen days, from the hours of midnight to 4am, we write theRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 17 – Colorado Springs

A few weeks ago while we were on day 4 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, I said, “We got 17 days to go.” It felt like an eternity. Today I said, “We got 4 days left.” It feels like life’s time has zoomed by. Isn’t that the trick in life? Now to be honest, not everyone feels the slip of time. Let’s take Leah for example. She’s eased into a groove that involves snoozing until twenty minutes before check out.Read more

#HOGWild17: Day 16 – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Day 16! It’s my day to do the blog, so there’s something important I need to bring to everyone’s attention before we can move onto the business at hand. I dunno…what do you think? Okay, now we can move on. I’ve got a confession to make. I discovered Ancestry.com pretty late last night, and I didn’t go to sleep until five this morning. Scott and I are both fascinated by ancestry because we don’t know that much about our familiesRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 15 – Jackson Hole to Rock Springs, Wyoming

“Drama Momma.” That’s what Mizz Caller NameCaller called me just now. Can you believe it? I guess that’s what happens once she’s all hopped up on MSG. Where’d the MSG come from you ask? Right across the parking lot from our hotel in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Yeah, I know eating at a parking lot sushi place isn’t advisable, but neither is calling me drama momma. She may not be so okay later, but that’s the risk of a high-flying bestsellingRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 14 – Beartooth Pass & Yellowstone

Day 14 was a bear! Literally. But I’ll get to that in a second. First of all, I have to give mad props to my better half for his motorcycle skills today. We were on the bike close to nine hours, going through crazy elevations, roads that dropped off straight down a mountain, and wildlife throwing themselves in front of the bike. So good job, Hot Stuff McHusband. I’ll slap you on the butt later in congratulations once I canRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 13 – Red Lodge, Montana

Oh, the joy of having a windowless hotel room. I was so cozy after a rough ride into Helena, Montana that I heard Leah say, “It’s one thirty-four.” I jumped up out of bed and into a pitch black space. How could we have slept so late? It was a dream, and while Snoozy Suzy pounded sand next to me, I checked the clock. It was ten o’clock and time to get going. We’ve followed so many of the greatRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 12 – Helena, Montana

Day 12! I don’t even know what’s happened the past couple of days. We’re high on mountain air and delicious food. Apparently, riding a motorcycle for ten days in the heat fries the circuits in the brain, and then you end up looking at condos and putting in an offer. This is a shot of the living area. Scott wanted to stretch out across the couch to make the scene look more homey, but I talked him out of it.Read more

#HOGWild17: Day 11 – Whitefish, Montana

You know how you go to Montana and end up buying property? No? Is that just us? Our schedule has changed. We ended up staying an extra night in Whitefish, Montana because we love it, and because we needed an extra day to rest. We got up this morning (yes, before noon), and went to the spa for a couple’s massage. By the time we finished, we were limp like noodles and asked the front desk to add another nightRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 10 – Glacier National Park

Day 10! And boy was it incredible! Since it’s my day to do the blog, I’d like to go back and correct Scott’s post from yesterday where he said I’d wait for real food right outside of Great Falls. What actually happened was that Zippy McImpatient hopped on the bike and hauled out of town because he was ready to get on the road, and then he was ready to eat shortly after. But alas, Zippy had missed his chanceRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 9 – Whitefish, Montana

I’m pooped. It’s day 9 and I’m a whipped pup. But the beauty of this state of exhaustion is I’m not tired of being on the bike or on the road. We’ve just been nonstop since July 1st, so our stay in Whitefish, Montana comes at the perfect time. To be honest, Leah had scheduled a break period earlier, but I wanted to push forward to cover more ground. We left Great Falls, Montana around noon after another good nightRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 8 – Great Falls, Montana

Huh? It’s day 8! I think. I don’t know what time it was when we got up this morning, but the sun was pretty high up in the sky. it’s all blurry in my memory, but I know I slept like a baby and Scott’s lip was swollen when I woke up. Sometimes these things happen. Also, this is my blog post so I can retell the day how I want to. Once we’d prayed, showered, dressed, and taken fullRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 7 – Billings, Montana

Looks like I get the honors on day 7. It’s not like I just motored all day. But I’m not complaining, because I get to tell my version of today’s events. The truth may bend, but it’ll never be broken. Mail Call Before we did anything, I insisted we mail dirty and newly bought clothes back home. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you the bike was to the brink of busting open, thanks to her shopping sprees. The ladyRead more

#HOGWild17 – Day 6 – Deadwood, South Dakota

Let’s Start Day 6! I don’t even know where to start. Seriously…the beginning of the day feels like a million years ago. Some of us slept like a baby last night in Rapid City, South Dakota. And by some of us, I mean Scott Silverii. I finally dozed off sometime around two-thirty after going over our schedule again and playing three hundred and thirty-two rounds of Cascade on my iPhone. I think I was just at the point where IRead more

#HOGWild17: Day 5 – Rapid City, South Dakota

Can I say one thing about today’s ride? It was hot. I mean really hot. Actually, it was hotter than hot. I told Leah once we settled in for the night that had she told me it was 103, I’d might have stayed in Sioux Falls, Instead, we clipped over 600 miles along the open South Dakota plains. But before we headed out for the Badlands, we made two quick stops in SFalls. Oh, and yes, we did pull offRead more